Past Projects

Robert Watkins CEO

Viewpoint Energy, LLC.

Viewpoint Energy is a small company with a proud history of successful projects within the refining, gas processing, and power generation industries. Formed by Robert S (“Rob”) Watkins back in 1992, Viewpoint Energy has extended its range of services over the years and can now provide a tailored solution for almost all of your downstream projects. Located just outside of Texas City on the edge of the refinery district, Viewpoint Energy has the knowledge and experience needed to further your project, no matter what stage it’s at, and can provide you with the equipment, services, and expertise required to complete it on-time and within budget.

Industrial Process Equipment

Robert S (“Rob”) Watkins has a wealth of experience in the used and surplus oilfield, refining, and gas processing equipment industries spanning almost 40 years. After attending Ohio State University in the mid 60’s, Rob joined the military where his role in classified intelligence gathering and liaison took him to both Vietnam and Korea. Following the war, Rob joined Caterpillar in Oklahoma City. In the early 70’s and over the following 20 years, he gained valuable experience in a variety of oil and gas related fields including rigging, field construction, process equipment evaluation, and plant dismantlement/salvage. Armed with all this knowledge and experience, Rob then went on to form his own company in 1992 and has since been involved in the sale/relocation of more than 50 process units. As CEO of Viewpoint Energy LLC, Rob is a well-respected professional in the oil and gas processing industry whose help and opinion is sought by many of his fellow business leaders and whose reputation for ‘straight-shooting’ and honesty is second to none.

  • Sale/Relocation, 10,000 BPD Mitchell Energy Refinery, Bridgeport, TX to Africa.
  • Sale/Relocation, 125,000 BPD Natural Resources Group Refiner, Mannheim, Germany to India.

  • Sale/Relocation, 55,000 BPD Cenco Refinery, Santa Fe Springs, TX for relocation to Eastern Europe.

  • Sale/Relocation, (2) 4,000 BPD Crude Units, Team Spirit Petroleum/Chemex, to The Republic of Georgia.

  • Sale/Refurbishment, 2,500 BPD Crude and Vacuum Unit, EB Miller & Co., Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

  • Sale/Relocation, 25 mmcfd Cryogenic Gas Plant, Exxon Sabine Pass.

  • Sale/Relocation, 45 mmcfd Cryogenic Gas Plant, Exxon Conroe, TX.

  • Sale/Relocation, 70 mmcfd Cryogenic Gas Plant, Duke Energy, to Peru.

  • Sale of Gas Plants and Power Generation Equipment to Nigeria.

  • Sale/Relocation, 30,000 bpd Fractionator, Exxon, Jay Field, Al to Peru.

  • Investment Recovery Consulting and Sales, Exxon Co., USA 12 years. Services included Inventory, Valuation, Contract Administration and Logistics Coordination for US Production fields.

  • Consulting, BASF, Plant Relocation Evaluation, NJ.

  • Consulting, Refinery and power projects, Allied Infrastructure Group, Iraq.

  • Consulting, George Kahle Group, Houston, TX – Miscellaneous.

  • Abandonment study, Exxon SYU Floating Production Facility, Santa Barbara, CA to include valuation, environmental consideration and disposal scenarios.

  • Refinery Replacement Cost Valuations, Valero Refining: Houston, TX; Texas City, TX; Amarillo (Sunray), TX; Corpus Christi, TX; Benicia, CA; Wilmington, CA; Ardmore, OK.

  • Refinery Condition/Relocation evaluations, Basic Engineering, Houston, TX.

  • Personal Property/Inventory Tax Valuations, Valero Refining, 26 locations.